Saturday, 9 April 2016

Finally I can join the fun!


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting, and finally I had the money to order some Prarie Schooler charts online last month! I was thrilled to bits when I received them, I tell you! I know that you all can understand my pure joy, lol!

So, the important question: what did I get??
Well, after very careful consideration I picked these two books... well as these two:

It was a bit difficult to decide which one I should start stitching first, but since I've fancied Christmas Tree Farm for ages, it just had to be that one:) Who can resist all those Christmas trees???
So, I have made a start on all those trees, and also a cute reindeer:

However, I also got a PS Santa, and of course it had to be a crafting Santa...

...which meant that together with the two PS Santas that were gifted to me by the lovely Brigitte , I have three Santas:

I'm stitching my PS Santas alongside Gominam at Stitch Niche, and after yesterday's Frolics I have come this far:

I'm one Santa short as you can see - empty top left corner lol - but I hope to order some more soon.
I already have my eye on the knitting Santa, which would look fab in the upper corner!

I'm also working on a PS ornament for the Christmas Ornie Sal but I'll show you that another day.
Now I'm itching to get back to my PS stitching, and hopefully I'll be back here soon with some finishes!

Thank you Kaye, for setting up this fab SAL where I can share my PS crush with fellow addicts, LOL!



Kaisievic said...

Annie, great choices - and great stitching so far.

Arlene Grimm said...

I did the Christmas Tree Farm last year and it is beautiful.

Carol said...

Wonderful PS purchases, Annie!! I never, ever get tired of stitching Prairie Schooler designs!

Brigitte said...

These Prairie Schooler books are so nice and good to see that you enjoy stitching on them already.

Stitching Noni said...

Great choices! Lovely progress so far :o)