Sunday, 27 September 2015

not going to make it

I just am not going to make September's deadline.  I have started a new PS Santa but all I have done is his boot so far (and only one boot).  I'll get a photo of the progress in a day or so.  I know that I will have two nights of tv watching to stitch thru.  Meanwhile I thought I would share some of the PS nutcrackers I did earlier in the year that I plan on making into ornaments.

Actually the big Santa in the middle photo is one of the early PS Santa series.
Sorry the photos are so great.


  1. They look great! Nobody does Santa's as nice as PS!

  2. I love each and every one--can't wait to see them made into ornaments :)

  3. Never mind re deadlines, any start is a great start in my book! Love your nutcrackers, so gorgeous.

  4. I collected nutcrackers for awhile with my youngest son. They are not packed in a box except for the biggest one that stands by the piano. He needs a little fixing as one of the GC broke off the bottom of his mouth. Beautiful work!

  5. I love these designs... they look brilliant together :o)