Thursday, 20 August 2015

My name is Jackie and this is my first post on this blog.   Over the past year I have been working on several PS Santas to add to my ornament collection.  This is the latest.  August's contribution

August is always an extra busy month for our family - several wedding anniversaries, even more birthdays!  But at long last I have started my Santa.

This lovely Santa is covering a lot of ground.  He is my Santa for the Christmas ornament blog, an entry for the Prairie Schooler blog, and he will be a gift (Gifted Gorgeous or something like that) plus he is going on my regular blog as a current work.  And I will probably make a second one for myself but not necessarily in August.

Obviously I haven't gotten that far but then again, he isn't huge either - after all he will be an ornament!


Nurdan Kanber said...

Hi Jackie, it is a great choice and start! So glad to meet you too:)
Looking forward to see your next progress ♥

Rita said...

Welcome, Jackie! Great choice for your Santa.

Kaisievic said...

He will be a very handsome Santa.

Stitching Noni said...

Great choice.... Love that one design will be used to tick all those SAL boxes! Very clever :o)
Hugs xx