Monday, 17 August 2015

So happy to be here!

Hello fellow PS fans!

Can you imagine that two months ago I did not know ANYTHING about The Prairie Schooler designs?! They are not known here in Sweden and I had not come across any of their designs in English cross stitch magazines.

It was when I joined the Christmas ornie SAL 2015 that I discovered three of their Santa designs (The Night Before Christmas). I fell in love and started to stitch one of the PS Santas, and as I stitched I fell even more in love. Then I started to check out their charts in online shops and I was thrilled with all the sweet designs that I found, especially since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Xmas and Santas:)

Then I found out they are retiring - oh, no! - so when our lovely host announced this SAL I just had to join in and share my love of the PS designs with my fellow stitchers:)

I am close to finishing my PS Xmas ornament for August...

...not long to go now!

I also have to see about aquiring some more Xmas PS charts - at the moment I have five charts including the free chart on their website.

Although, how I am ever going to be able to decice which charts I am going to purchase, I don't know...!

Happy PS stitching!



  1. Hello Annie, "Welcome to the Club" :))

    Your stitching is gorgeous!

    Looking forward to seeing which chart going to be picked and stitched by you:)

  2. Their designs are addictive, aren't they? Great little Santa that you are stitching.

  3. Welcome to the SAL, Annie. Love your little Santa.

  4. Welcome, Annie! PS designs ARE addictive! I love your Santa.

  5. Welcome! Lovely start to your new addiction!!
    Hugs xx

  6. Welcome to the PS addiction - now you have started, you will be hooked. Great Santa choice, too.