Friday, 21 August 2015

Hello, fellow Prairie Schooler lovers!

Good morning, everyone! My name is Carol (from the United States) and I know many of you from my blog, Stitching Dreams, but I'm excited to meet more Prairie Schooler addicts, too. If you've read my blog, you know that Prairie Schooler stitching is my "comfort stitching"--nothing makes me as happy or as relaxed as stitching one of their designs. I'm so sad they are retiring, but, luckily, I have quite a nice stash of their charts to keep me busy for years to come...

I recently finished this small lakeside scene from the "Weather Wise" book no. 145. You can read more details in this blog post

I finished it into a small pillow to set on a shelf or in a basket and added a big white reef knot for a cute accent.

Two other blogging friends and I have been stitching PS Santas on Sunday and here is my latest finish from the "Old World Santas" book no. 80. What a handsome guy!

And here are all four that I have stitched so far this year--which is your favorite?

Hope you enjoyed my PS finishes this morning. I am very happy to be part of this group and love the fact that there are stitchers from around the world participating... Thanks so much, Kaye, for bringing us all together!

Enjoy your weekend!


Rita said...

Welcome! I follow your blog and love your stitching projects.

How can one choose a favorite PS Santa?! That would be like choosing your favorite child. ;-)

Annie said...

I can see why PS is your comfort stitching - it is probably why I too fell in love with their designs:) I am soo jealous of your stash of PS designs - I'd love to have some more PS designs in my stash. I love your ornament - the finishing touches are lovely!!

Kaisievic said...

Welcome to the SAL blog, Carol, I think we are all going to have lots of fun! I can see that I need to start really buying up some more PS designs as there are so many gorgeous ones that I don't have yet! Love your latest finish - that knot looks fantastic.

lynda said...

I love your little pillow from Weather Wise - the knot is the perfect touch!

Brigitte said...

I thought to meet you here, Carol, as from your blog one can easily see that you are also a Prairie Schooler fan :)
All four Santas that you have stitched this year are so nice and I can't choose a favourite one. I just love them all. And that little pillow is just darling.

Nicola said...

Hi Carol, lovely to to be stitching PS designs with you through this blog. Your Santas are lovely, and so is the little pillow, might look at getting that book myself.

Bette said...

I love the pillow from Weather Wise. I have that chart on my list of must gets. Welcome to the group.

Ariadne said...

Such nice designs. I love the blue Santa!AriadnefromGreece!

Stitching Noni said...

Wow - love your pillow finish - great idea using the reef knot! Very nautical :o)
How can I choose a favourite Santa - they are all gorgeous... but the one with the birds or the blue one would be my favourite pick if I had to choose... see even then I can't choose one! ;o)
Hugs xx